4 Year Old Program

AM/PM Half Day Preschool


The main focus of the 4's program is to strengthen already developing readiness skills. Much time is spent in helping each individual child to develop self-confidence, independence, pre-reading, and pre-math skills. This program helps to prepare children academically and socially for kindergarten.

Class Times

Morning: M/W/F 9:15 am - Noon
Afternoon: M/W/F 12:45 – 3:30 pm

Program Objectives


Instill within each child the knowledge that God loves them.


Provide an away-from-home experience that builds independence, social development, creativity, a positive self-image, a sense of achievement and security, a joy of learning, a thirst for knowledge, self-expression, and self-control.


To extend a child's home to include the school environment.

Skills Aimed to Achieve

Social Development
  • Willingness to share
  • Playing cooperatively with other children
  • Listening while others speak
  • Using “Please” and “Thank You”
  • Participating willingly in games and group activities
  • Following classroom routine
  • Listening attentively to stories
  • Attempting to complete tasks independently
Cognitive Development
  • Recognizing name in print
  • Recognizing and naming shapes and colors
  • Counting up to 10 objects
  • Identifying objects as same/different
  • Identifying rhyming words
Motor Development (fine and gross)
  • Grasping a pencil appropriately
  • Cutting and tracing both straight lines and curved lines
  • Walking a straight line successfully
  • Throwing and catching a large ball
  • Balancing on one foot
Spiritual Development
  • Knowing God loves them
  • Understanding that prayer is talking to God
  • Knowing that the Bible is God's Word
  • Acting toward others in a way that reflects God's Love

Activities that Reinforce

Social Development
  • Play activities, role playing, modeling by teachers and peers
  • Group snack times
  • Planned center activities, story times, book-sharing opportunities
  • Art, Music, and Movement Activities
  • Indoor and outdoor large motor play.
Cognitive Development
  • Gaining sense of self
  • Working on senses
  • Memory games and logical thinking skills
  • Art centers and creative play
  • Language development
  • Math and counting games
  • Classifying, patterning, rhyming, and sorting
  • Alphabet and name recognition.
Motor Development (fine and gross)
  • Running, jumping, climbing
  • Throwing/Catching balls, balancing, hopping, parachute play
  • Cutting with scissors on curved and straight lines
  • Play-Doh, building with blocks
  • Clapping, galloping, marching, rhythm activities
  • Puzzles and finger painting
  • Tracing lines and Stringing beads
Spiritual Development
  • Bible stories and verse memorization
  • Praying before snack
  • Praying for a sick friend
  • Integrating Biblical truths into everyday activities
  • Classroom service projects
  • Felt stories, music, songs, and finger plays

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